About Mary-Ann - Chief Creative Officer

Meet Mary-Ann, a passionate artist and expert in the field of acrylic painting. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the medium, Mary-Ann is here to share her knowledge and help you unlock your artistic potential.
But first, let's delve into Mary-Ann's journey and how she found her true calling in the world of art.
Mary-Ann is a northerner, born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario. She has loved art ever since she was very young. All kinds of art. Paint, paper, pen and ink, markers, pencil crayons, all types of tools on all types of surfaces.
Not only does Mary-Ann love to create art, but she also loves to share the experience with others. She has been teaching others to create using various media for over twenty years. She began Mary-Ann's Maker with canvas paintings in 2014, then added wood signs, painted paddles, pillows and other items to her offerings over the years.
She is a published artist as well! Her colouring book with biblical passages was very well received within the community.
Subscription boxes featuring Mary-Ann's doodles, "Mary-Ann's Favourites", were a welcome arrival in mailboxes across the country.

Mary-Ann says...

I have long been an artist, creator and maker of things. In my family it was just the norm to make things. Dad was always building something from wood. Mom sewed, knit and crocheted. She did needle work to make beautiful things for our home and she cooked and baked great dishes for all of us to enjoy. And there was also Granny and Nanny who were great makers. Granny was a chef and baker, a wonderful gardener and knitter. I still have some of the doll clothes she knit for me when I was young. And Nanny was an amazing sewer who could take brown paper bags and make patterns out of them and make the best clothes for each of us that fit perfectly, but sadly her talent for tatting wasn't passed on to any of us and that beautiful art form died with her.

So, as you can imagine the making of things seems to run in my blood. It is the best part of my day when I have the opportunity to retreat to my own space and create.

I hope you will enjoy what I share with you here. Come along on this journey of painting, drawing, sewing, card making, artful lettering, paper crafting, doodling, scrapbooking and whatever else may come my way. You just never know where we might find to do or where we may end up.

She is an incredibly knowledgable teacher, with incredible patience, and the ability to even help the least confident maker create beautiful work.
Mary-Ann is also wife to Claude, proud mom to her son Mark and her adorable shih-tzu, Tanner.
My husband of over 20 years
With two of my favourite people, my son and my mom
The always well groomed, handsome Tanner