Why Are We So Happy?

Cartoon drawings of Mary-Ann and Cynthia


Ok, truth be told, we aren't happy ALL the time.  While mental illness has always been a serious problem among the general population, there has been a marked increase in people struggling with their mental health post-COVID (WHO 2022).

For us, we have found that giving ourselves permission to pursue our creative hobbies on the days we are feeling off greatly increases our happiness level.  And who doesn't want to feel happier?

 Things that make us happy:

  • Kittens
  • Bubbly Prosecco
  • Going to the beach
  • Puppy snuggles
  • Newborn baby smell
  • Warm, soft, cozy blankets and sweaters
  • Eating great food
  • Sleeping in
  • Fancy cocktails
  • Getting messy and creating art
  • Did we mention kittens & puppies?

We hope you will join us invite your friends and family to partake in a little creative fun.  Let's reconnect with each other and get a little messy!